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Monday, 19 March 2018


Delicate and multi-faceted yet determined and strong. She has a beauty that evokes the Moon and her face is distinctive and unforgettable. A woman with a contagious laugh and an intriguing look. Forever faithful but needs to feel free. Elegant, a sweet smile and a tolerant attitude, yet courageous and resolute. She always wants more.

�It�s obvious, the key to success doesn�t exist. If you want the moon, just be yourself and go and get it.�

The Spicchi Di Luna collection is all about her essential yet sophisticated style and her strong, ever- changing personality.

The design of Spicchi di Luna is the result of through technical and stylistic research; the shape is obtained by a sequence of slightly rounded gold bands that perfectly reflect the different phases of the moon. The precious segments seemingly blend to form an extraordinarily beautiful creation of goldsmith�s art.

A special brilliance is created by the way the natural light is reflected on the crescent moons and exalted by the precious materials. The master goldsmiths of Valenza, who have handed down the precious secrets of the art for three generations, have carefully combined the aesthetic dimension of this collection with a comfortable, perfect fit.

The parure consists of a ring, earrings and bracelet and is available in a range of precious materials. The true essence of the Spicchi Di Luna woman is reflected in the full pave� version in white gold and diamonds, the version in yellow gold and fancy diamonds in yellow-brown tones featured in a ring, earrings and a bracelet. A more �everyday� version in yellow gold but no less intriguing is also available (and includes a necklace). The fourth parure, which also includes a necklace that combines pink gold with onyx, a hard stone, is particularly attractive and creates a dark-light colour contrast that enhances the shapes and combinations of Spicchi di Luna. The collection is complemented by two exclusive rings with alternate bands available in yellow gold and smoky quartz or pink gold and sun stone.�

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