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Saturday, 24 March 2018

The New Collections LE GRAMME, presented during the Paris Fashion Week at Elephant Paname.


The 925 Sterling Silver and 750 Gold cable bracelets are a new series of pieces with the same uncompromising, archetypal, essential trademark. They reflect a new perspective with a design that opens up new possibilities each time it closes. The new variations supplement and complement LE GRAMME's emblematic range of open bands.

The cable bracelets draw direct inspiration from the architecture and construction of cable- stayed bridges. LE GRAMME twists the precious silver or gold material into threads, woven into strands ofseveral units that are finally spun together.


This creation embodies a return to the very essence of the element, its ultimate unit of measure and most universal value. It epitomises an absolute and minimalist form that captures that same intrinsic nature: one gramme. A gramme of precious metal shaped into a ring with a distinctive, slender unisex design to match individual tastes and preferences.

The 1g ring is available in 750 white, yellow or red gold with a polished or brushed finish and can be worn in any number of ways and in an endless array of combinations. Distinctive alone or with multiple on different parts of the fingers, the ring reveals a pure design that leaves plenty of scope for bold, individual expression. 1g alludes to a sense of lightness, a fleeting memory, a tenuous yet vital bond between two people, a specific point in time, a gift to the self or someone special.

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