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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

ATELIER DE YAVORSKY unveils Brickell City Center's newest boutique WOLF (Miami, FL)

The Wolf

In Miami's high-end neighborhood Brickell, ATELIER DE YAVORSKY designed the men's boutique WOLF to be luxurious yet natural. Taking inspiration from the animal it's named after, creative director Guillermo de Yavorsky used key elements within the architecture to create a space that is precise, linear and masculine. While reminiscent of a wolf, the breakout boutique, which opened December 2017, retains a classic modern style with a color palette of rich blues and sleek lines throughout the store.

WOLF�s Interior Design

WOLF is traditional in its modern design yet boldly artistic in style. ATELIER DE YAVORSKY took into account the luxuriousness of the clientele while still creating a multifaceted space with a selection of core materials: one kind of wood, a specific type of metal, and two kinds of off white stone. Specific elements of the store, such as the blue walls, the glass shelves, and the "Gull" hangers, elevate the atmosphere. Upon closer look, there are unexpected facets within the store, like the lighting underneath the glass shelves and the seeming lack of a formal cashier.

Miami is known for its beaches and serene weather, so ATELIER DE YAVORSKY used the sea and the sky to create a color scheme of soft blues to deep navy. The color selection evokes a tangible connection with nature, while the wood used in the hangers, chairs, display tables and walls add warmth as a balance. The herringbone limestone wall acts as an additional reference to the ocean, as well as the coral stone fossil floor. The bench, designed by de Yavorsky, is one of the signature pieces within the boutique that acts as a tenable connection to nature.

The upscale boutique emulates the wolf in spirit and in style. 
The entire store was designed with simplicity in mind, with linear elements all throughout. From the lines separating the blue hues to the gold lines throughout the store, the strategic line work creates a geometric space that is in line with the sharp angles of the wolf's face and body. The precision of the architecture as well as the references to nature allows WOLF to fulfill the core values of the modern man.

The Branding

ATELIER DE YAVORSKY's approach to the branding is straightforward: the elements of WOLF, inspired by the essence of the animal, should be as sleek and sophisticated as the store itself. Graphic designer Alexandra de Yavorsky
approached the design of the WOLF logo in the same way as the architecture, and used the same geometric line work that can be seen throughout the boutique to bring WOLF to life.

The blue palette, reminiscent of a wolf�s chilly habitat and Miami�s warmer weather, was used in addition to the logo, which can be seen on the shopping bags and paper. Instead of one statement blue, a combination of a warm and cool palette creates a more integrated identity.

The cohesiveness of the brand brings all of the elements of WOLF together. The geometry of the wolf's face works in tandem with the woody materials. The mix of cool and warm colors with the stone walls captures the essence of the beach with an understated elegance.

With offices in Miami, St Barth and Madrid, ATELIER DE YAVORSKY is a studio whose universe is marked by the incarnation of authenticity, uninhibited architecture, and unmatched style. Driven by the achievements of Guillermo de Yavorsky, ATELIER DE YAVORSKY takes into account the importance of all aspects of a project, down to the smallest detail. It is this meticulous precision that allows each project to flourish and reach its full potential.

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