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Monday, 2 July 2018

FREE by Oscar Carvallo

FREE by Oscar Carvallo is the exact representation of the new meaning of freedom.

A brand that carries as a badge, an essential element that we all share, that gives the necessary drive to those who believe in ourselves and pursue the dream of freedom, the heart.

It's time to live for what you believe, for what you dream.

It's time to be united under the same voice.

Freedom is part of our essence as human beings. Over the years we consume ourselves in a world full of guidelines, and we forget we were born with the capacity to choose the path we want to travel, and to make the decisions that will mark our destiny. Today is the day to be FREE... to follow our heart. Let's use that same heart as a flag, to tell everyone "I'm free�.

This concept by itself is a movement that will invite people to believe in themselves. Every piece of the collection is that symbol that will give them the strength they needed to be free to choose the path they want to travel.

�EMPOWER THE FREEDOM" is the global approach that will provide the conceptual path for a wide variety of activities, tactics, and creative pieces that will help support the "FREE" collection by Oscar Carvallo.

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