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Monday, 16 July 2018


�That�s a new marijuana leaf,� said Lucien Pellat-Finet this morning, pointing to an abstract cannabis frond�scarlet red intarsia against warm black cashmere. �I did the brushstrokes.�
A sense of newness filled the room, and not just
because of the latest collection; Pellat-Finet
moved his boutique off of Rue Saint-Honor� to
Rue d�Aboukir in September, and the space was
buzzing with industry types and shoppers.
Celebrating the relocation, the designer took one of
its decadent stairways, bright pink and leopard-
carpeted, and worked it into a top.
Pellat-Finet has always been about novelty and
kitsch, peddled in the higher rungs of luxury.
You know the drill: cashmere sweaters with skulls
and pot leaves that cost thousands of euros.
His Fall collection, inspired by the �British upper
�namely the flamboyance of the 7th Marquess of
Bath, Alexander Thynn�brought in an Anglo
This was evinced in a cashmere two-tone peacoat
over a regatta-stripe silk top and a jacket with the
Union Jack, transmogrified. Novelty and kitsch,
again, just with a glance to the island across the

What was added: lightweight sneakers, for men
and women, and a T-shirt capsule featuring the
work of calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir. Soft and
graphic, the tees will make for a nice contribution
to the archive.

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